Erciyas Energy

Erciyas Energy founded in 2013 to develop, assess, consult, purchase, build and run electrical energy generation facilities based on all kinds of energy sources, primarily renewable energy sources, and to market energy.

Briza Wind investment completed in Balıkesir and electricity generation initiated in 2014 with 16 wind turbines and total 52.8 MW capacity.

Erciyas Energy continues to develop new projects by following state-of-the-art technologies on wind energy.

Erciyas Energy has achieved and commissioned its commitment to solar energy projects in 2015 through 300 kWe in Izmir and 1.6 MWe in Mersin in 2016.

Furthermore, Erciyas Energy signed agreements and initiated studies for two new solar energy projects, 1 MW in Balıkesir and 1.7 MW in Mersin. Erciyas Energy continues to invest in solar energy and turnkey solar energy project deployment.